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Cristi Rinklin
Artist Statement

I am inspired by the visual language of constructed reality that permeates the history of pictorial space. My work is made with awareness of the tradition of illusionism in the historical practice of Painting,--its ability to create a simulated reality that psychically transports the viewer, and to function as a mirror that reflects the subconscious. Alongside this are the conditions of our contemporary viewing experience. We are bombarded by constructed realities that are mediated by the Internet, virtual reality, gaming, and cinema, which create worlds that we psychologically inhabit. Like painting, these virtual constructs can become a reflection of our desires, as well as our deep seeded fears. These notions inform the work that I make.

The landscape is a consistent motif throughout my work, but rather than faithfully representing the natural world that surrounds us, it becomes an uninhabited, detached fragment that floats in an ambiguous, abstract space. This imagery is sourced via a process of sampling and appropriation from details of paintings, scenic wallpapers, Google image searches, and collected photographs. The combination of tangible realism, abstraction, and ambiguity are intended to disrupt the viewer’s ability to ground or position himself in any particular time or space. The sense of an uncertain future that is symptomatic of our contemporary life reflects this experience of displacement and detachment. While the notion of a post-human world may have disturbing implications, I also find poetic beauty in the idea that life and consciousness may exist outside of human experience, and that all this will persist, with or without our participation.

Artist Statement